Our passion for American BBQ and casual dining, eating with your hands, yummy smokey BBQ flavours and locally sourced delicious juicy meats came from our journeys travelling thousands of miles across the USA to find the best BBQ. We have been given the secrets in smoking these meats from the 10 greatest BBQ’s in Texas especially for everyone in Shropshire to enjoy.

We source all our meats from our local butcher and smoke them in house in our smokers We use a low n slow technique which makes the meat the most tender and smoke over oak wood mixed with hickory for the best flavour.



Beautiful twice smoked Pulled pork (the proper way!) and deep south slaw baps in brioche buns

Smoked BBQ Buffallo Wings- Smoked meaty pork ribs rubbed in our house mix and slowly smoked served with fries

16 Hour smoked Beef brisket sliders – Smoked quarter chicken and fried Chilli cheese fries(Subject to a change of menu and prices on different occasions)

Our menus will be printed on American Style boards inside plus there will be an A board outside and a canopy.
The van also has a few stools inside for seating on a casual high bar also if it is raining.